Following the acquisition of Encription by BlackBerry UK Limited in February of 2016, the trading assets and liabilities of Encription Limited are being formally assigned to BlackBerry UK Limited effective from 31 January 2017.
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Penetration Testing

Mimicking the techniques of malicious hackers, we work with you to ensure you’re aware of all your cyber risks posed by criminal hackers to your business and show you how to fix them.

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Cyber Essentials Plus

We are a penetration testing certifying body for Cyber Essential Plus - A UK Government Certification which allows businesses to demonstrate that they have implemented essential security controls to manage their cyber risk.

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THINK Service

The Encription Limited THINK (THreat INtelligence Knowledge) service provides a unique and 'real world' approach to assessing the security of your organisation. The cyber threats posed to an organisation come from multiple sources. Nation states, criminal gangs, political activists and recreational hackers are just some of the threats that modern companies face today.

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Forensic Services

Supporting our customers in minimising any potential damage and recovering losses. If you’ve had a suspected incident we can help with incident response, investigation and expert witness.

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Encription Ltd offer a range of cyber training courses that lead to industry recognised certifications such as the Cyber Scheme. Our courses are endorsed and accredited by organisations such as CESG and IISP and are appropriate for both early career and experienced cyber professionals.

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Risk Calculator

If your IT systems are brought down, the costs can escalate quickly out of control

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The costs to Your Business if your systems are down for:

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Managing risk to your business

Encription Limited services assist you in understanding the risks to your business, which is essential information you need to create your management and continuity strategy.

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