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An Introduction to Cybersecurity Services (ICS) 1 Day Course

This one day course is an introduction to the exciting world of cybersecurity and is aimed as a starting point for anyone with an interest in IT who may wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

This one day course will show you the basics of ethical hacking, digital forensics, social engineering/red team operations and ethical web application hacking.

Ethical Hacking (Penetration Testing)

You will take part in a mock penetration test against a fictitious client, however the tools and techniques used will be real. From the moment candidates enter the class they will be introduced to the highly technical world of penetration testing. Whether you are manipulating network traffic to grab passwords with Ettercap, network mapping with nmap or seeking out vulnerabilities with Metasploit – you will find yourself in a fascinating and engaging environment, that will prepare you for the role of pen tester.

Digital Forensics

You will be presented with a mock crime scene and walked through the process of protecting the evidence. Capturing digital evidence, retrieving hidden data from devices, files and encrypted devices. You will be given the opportunity to try some digital forensics tools against live machines and see what evidence is available. All this will be done with the ACPO principles in mind so any evidence will stand up in court.

Social Engineering/Red team operations

With the help of stories, slides and videos you will be given a multimedia presentation showing the skills of the social engineer and get a taste of how to “hack the human” and how to defend against such attacks. The skills of a social engineer are wide and varied and are essential if you are going to test companies and organisations to see if you can break their security. Whether tail gating into server rooms or giving yourself a valid excuse over the phone, you will need to think fast, assess situations on the fly and know your target.

Ethical Web Application Hacking

You will learn the skills of a web application hacker in order to test websites and advise how to mitigate such attacks. You will learn about hidden files, back doors, malicious code injection and how to find attack points. You will learn the tools and technologies used to access websites so that you can advise the owners how to secure their digital content from actual hackers on the web.

Who is the course designed for?

This course is for anyone interested in cybersecurity, especially if you have a military background, an IT background or if you are currently a student. This course is designed as a taster course which has pathways to our other courses which lead to a career in the cybersecurity industry.


Completion of the course will result in a BlackBerry verified certificate.

Course Objectives

Information gathering

Enumeration of network devices and server

Manual vulnerability assessment and finger printing of digital devices

Exploitation techniques

Cyber Crime and the Law

Evidence collection

ACPO guidelines

The Principles of social engineering

The power of suggestion

Physical breaches and social engineering testing

Key Points Covered

Google Hacking

Web Hacking

Infrastructure Hacking

XSS and SQL exploitation

Man in the middle attacks

Wireless hacking

Tools to collect evidence

Tools to uncover hidden items and passwords

Documentation at a crime scene

Priming people

Physical security and tailgating techniques


Assessment will be continual throughout the course. No written exam is required for the qualification.


No formal pre-requisites but IT knowledge of Windows and Linux will be an advantage.

Per course pricing

This course is available “per course” meaning a course is prepared and delivered for you and your needs. There is no minimum number of candidates. The course cost does not change based on the number of candidates so if an individual requires a course with only one candidate then that’s fine, however the course fee remains the same for 1 candidate as it does for 6. The dates of the courses are flexible and are decided by you as long as we have a member of training staff available.