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Cybersecurity For Your Business (CFYB)

Cybersecurity For Your Business (CFYB)

This one day course plus one day of consulting is designed to enable you to begin the challenging task of being cyber aware with regards to your business.

All modern businesses need to be cyber aware and cyber secure but we must make sure the company security supports the mission of the organisation

  • Protect Resources, information, hardware, software, physical, financial, reputation, legal position, employees, tangible and intangible assists.
  • Increase the organisation’s opportunities to make profit
  • Information supports an organisation’s ability to make a profit
  • Secure organisations are good to work with

Computer Security must be part of sound management

  • Decide on levels of risk
  • Security can extend beyond organisational boundaries

Computer Security Must Be Cost Effective

  • Monetary and non-monetary
  • Reduce loses
  • Publicity – image of organisation
  • Performance
  • Cost of controls + maintenance etc

The topics covered

  • Information Security
  • Setting up a Policy
  • Program Management
  • Risk Management
  • Life Cycle Planning
  • Personnel/Users
  • Disaster recovery procedure
  • Computer Security Incident Handling
  • Training and Testing
  • Security Considerations in Computer Support and Operations
  • Physical Security
  • Identification and Authentication
  • Logical Access Control
  • Audit Trails and Logging
  • Securing your data
  • In-region security frameworks/regulations

Who is it designed for?

Board members and management involved in securing your business.


All candidates will be awarded a BlackBerry verified Certificate of Attainment


There are no pre-requisites for this course, anyone can attend this training.


There is no formal assessment for this course.

This course works well with :-

Staff Security Awareness Training (SSAT)

Cybersecurity Services Coordinator (CSC)


We can visit your site and deliver the training to you. Ask us for our day rates.

We recommend up to 6  participants per session to allow for a constructive Q and A session.

You would need to provide a suitable room and refreshments for the course.

Per course pricing

This course is available “per course” meaning a course is prepared and delivered for you and your needs. There is no minimum number of candidates. The course cost does not change based on the number of candidates so if an individual requires a course with only one candidate then that’s fine, however the course fee remains the same for 1 candidate as it does for 6. The dates of the courses are flexible and are decided by you as long as we have a member of training staff available.