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BlackBerry Cybersecurity Services Coordinator (CSC) – 1 day

The CSC provides candidates with the tools and techniques necessary to ensure that the objectives of security testing are met. This course is for anyone involved in organising penetration testing, procuring penetration testing or managing a penetration test.


Who is the course designed for?

  • Anyone who needs to specify, procure, manage and/or interpret vulnerability assessments (penetration tests)



Successful candidates will receive a ‘BlackBerry Verified’ certification and will become an ‘associate‘ member .


Course Objectives

The technical background covers:

  • Basic network security
  • An overview of the threats
  • The basics of the testing process
  • Maximising the benefit through linkages

The management section covers:

  • Professionalisation schemes and qualifications
  • Scoping the tests
  • Liabilities and responsibilities
  • Comparing proposals
  • Testing in practice
  • Reporting

Technical Background

Basic network security

  • Firewall functionality
  • Lockdown and hardening
  • The principals of intrusion detection
  • Intrusion prevention systems

An overview of the threats

  • Network level attacks
  • Application level attacks (SOAP, XML, SQL Injection)
  • Sources of vulnerability information and alerts

The basics of the testing process

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Application level testing
  • Password cracking

Maximising the benefit through linkages

  • With configuration/change/patch management and supporting procedures such as incident management

Management Section

Professionalisation schemes and qualifications

  • Existing ones and their status and when they should be applied
  • The need for competition rotating service providers

Scoping the tests.

  • The importance of stating objectives
  • Scoping the minimum device set
  • The need for, and correct use of sampling
  • Rolling out the results
  • Testing of live systems and testing of pre-go-live

Liabilities and responsibilities

  • Typical dependencies on each party

Comparing proposals

  • Using testing days vs reporting days

Testing in practice

  • Adding ITHC activities to a project plan. Likely things that go wrong, types of contingency.


  • Including the benefits of daily wash-up
  • The need for a final wash-up discussion
  • Who should attend
  • Maintaining assurance in the system going forward, managing test connections


There is a multiple choice assessment at the conclusion of the course.


  • An outline knowledge of networking and applications.
  • Knowledge of project management including the ability to interpret a project plan.
  • A basic understanding of contractual terms and conditions.

Per course pricing

This course is available “per course” meaning a course is prepared and delivered for you and your needs. There is no minimum number of candidates. The course cost does not change based on the number of candidates so if an individual requires a course with only one candidate then that’s fine, however the course fee remains the same for 1 candidate as it does for 10. The dates of the courses are flexible and are decided by you as long as we have a member of training staff available.