Cyber criminals and rogue staff think they CAN’T be traced! They can. That’s what we do!

We can provide you with everything from incident response through to expert witnesses. With a number of experienced law enforcement forensic investigators, you can be assured of a court ready evidential approach throughout the entire process.

Encription Forensics

Today, crime often involves the use of a digital device either directly or indirectly.
A forensic examination of these devices can reveal important information that could strengthen a case. Evidence produced by a forensic investigation can be used in:

  • Criminal Prosecutions
  • Criminal Defence
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Litigation
  • Employee Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • IT Incidents
  • Insolvency

Computer security incidents come without warning. Encription are able to offer a range of forensic services which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Digital Forensic Investigations

After an incident is identified, and the evidence collected, it needs to be analysed. Encription have the trained staff, and latest equipment to perform in depth, forensically sound analysis on a variety of digital equipment. Hard drives, removable media, digital cameras and mobile phones can all be analysed. A full report detailing the findings of an investigation will be produced, and encription staff will act as technical or expert witnesses as required.

Incident Response Support

When an incident occurs, the first response can make or break the case. Loss or corruption of evidence during incident response is a huge risk. Encription have trained staff who know how to respond in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines on digital evidence. Encription can be onsite at short notice or on the end of the phone to advise your staff on the correct steps to follow to ensure evidence is collected and the incident is contained.

A One Day Onsite Forensics Readiness Consultancy

Every organisation is different. So every organisation will have different needs when it comes to Forensics Readiness. When responding to an incident, time, and following the correct procedures are critical. By taking a one day consultancy from encription, you can be assured that you are prepared to respond correctly. A trained forensic investigator will visit your organisation and highlight the most important areas for your incident response plan. The investigator will also build a relationship with key members of staff at your organisation, and gain an understanding of your network infrastructure. This will save valuable time and potential evidence, the moment an incident occurs.

World Class Facilities

Encription have a partnership with the University of Glamorgan, who are a leading digital forensics research centre. This gives customers of encription access to the university’s digital forensic labs, which are among the most highly equipped in the world.

Digital Forensics Standby Service

Encription can offer a full standby service for your organisation. For an annual retainer we will agree a suitable incident response service level agreement with you. Taking this service will also give you additional benefits, such as a reduced daily rate, guaranteed priority over standard work and include a one day onsite forensics readiness consultancy.

Damaged Drive Recovery

Sometimes, hard drives are seemingly damaged beyond repair. These drives may contain business critical data or even evidence. Encription can provide the expert knowledge and equipment required to perform physical recovery of disks.

Open Source Intelligence

The internet contains a wealth of information, some of which may be of use to your organisation during an investigation into an incident. Encription can look for evidence in publically accessible sources, such as social networking sites or forums.

Digital Forensics Training

Encription can provide your staff with bespoke digital forensics training. Selected topics such as “incident response” or a general overview of the digital forensics process can be covered.

If you suspect an IT security incident, you should call us right away.
Vital evidence can be lost or rendered invalid if it is not collected quickly and correctly.
Even if you eventually chose not to go through with an investigation, having the evidence safely and legally collected at the time of the incident is highly recommended.

Call our forensics incident hotline on 0330 100 2999, to speak to a member of the forensics team.
You can also call our main office for general enquires on 0330 100 2345.


Here are some examples of security incidents encription forensics have responded to –

  • A sensitive document was leaked to the media by a disgruntled employee. We were able to track down which employee had sent the document.
  • An employee was suspected of using a work computer and digital camera to take and send inappropriate photographs. They had been deleted from the computer in an attempt to cover tracks, encription were able to recover them.
  • Students at an educational establishment were suspected of gaining access to teachers email accounts. Encription uncovered evidence of the students planning and executing the attack.
  • Following a sucessful attack against an organisations website, encription were asked to investigate. We were able to discover the source of the attack, the methods used and could calculate how much data had been lost as a result of the attack.
  • A very large multinational company asked encription to investigate a suspected fraud conducted by an employee, we were able to quickly locate several documents relating to the fraud.

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