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WEBENCRIPT – If your business relies on your website then you need to make sure that it is secure.


Website Vulnerability Scanner
It is not only large corporates and public sector organisations that are targeted by hackers. In fact as the larger organisations develop sophisticated protection systems there is an increasing occurrence of hackers penetrating the information systems of smaller companies as they are seen as ‘easy pickings’.

They do this to access confidential and sensitive information for financial gain, competitive advantage or just plain disruption. Criminal hackers are becoming more effective as the tools available to them gain in sophistication, become more difficult to detect and increase in number every day.

The two most common and effective routes of access are via websites and people.

Encription is now offering companies a simple, low cost approach to testing the security of their websites against potential hackers and to position themselves against potential future attacks by utilization of our WebEncript product.

Internal Infrastructure Scanner

Our Internal Vulnerability Scanner. It is based on Nessus and provides base line reporting as required by CESG and CoCo. This is the static version which sits on its own server or in a VM and gives you your own dashboard with which to kick off internal scans on demand, nominating what you require scanning. The output identifies vulnerabilities and gives resolutions; great for patch management.

There is additionally a mobile version which runs on a laptop and allows you to go to different sites to run scans.

A Nessus Professional Feeds Licence is required with this product, ask us about this and we can sort it out for you.

Internet Facing Services Scanner

External IT security breaches caused by malicious hackers, and others, can occur at any time, but it may be several days before an organisation becomes aware of them, and by then it could be too late. GovConnects GCSx and PCI DSS require monitoring on a regular basis with retrievable output on-demand.

To address this problem IT Security experts Encription Limited have developed a configurable vulnerability assessment security scanner that will:

  • Regularly (daily/hourly – your choice) scan the external IT network for any changes; such changes may signify an attack or indicate security vulnerability.
  • Send a notification immediately of any changes found
  • Give a detailed resolution where appropriate.
  • Identify software that does not have the latest patch.
  • Provide a weekly/monthly/quarterly on-demand security analysis and trend report.

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